I rode on my bike for thirty minutes of “crosstraining” as requested by Hal. I biked out to the lakefront and then north until fifteen minutes had passed. I made it just to the 47th street overpass, chose to bike UP the steep hill instead of around it (the path splits into “hardcore” and “wussy” and I chose “hardcore,” of course!). Biking the route that I’ve been running reminded me why I’ve always liked biking so much– it’s FASTER! And EASIER! I flew along with the wind in my face, working moderately hard but nothing like the hard work of running that same route. My heart rate monitor needs a new battery. When I get that going again I’ll be curious to see how my biking heart rate compares to my running heart rate. Last summer “pushing it” on the bike brought my heart rate into the 160s. “Pushing it” while running takes my heart rate into the 180s, and if I’m really “dying,” the 190s (personal max seen while running: 195).

This was my first ride on my new bike. 6 miles in 30 minutes. I need to get some handlebar tape because my hands hurt. My butt hurt a little, too, while riding, which is typical when getting used to a new saddle. My arms, shoulders and back are quite sore from weight training yesterday. My lower body is not sore from weight training at all.

Hal says: Thursday: 2 mile run, followed by strength. I say: 2 miles? Ha! In my sleep!

Oh, PS: I finally found an aspirational photo to post on my fridge:

Just kidding! Just kidding!