C25K- Week 1

I can’t believe how quickly my muscles have adapted! After running the first workout on Sunday, I was in pain all over Monday– hobbling up and down the stairs, struggling to get out of my chair, aching and complaining. Yesterday L Runner and I ran the same exact workout, and it felt a little easier. Today I’m not sore at all! Hallelujah!


I was curious to see how running in the morning would affect my overall energy level and outlook on the day. Wednesdays tend to be very long for me, with many classes back to back and two different extra-curricular activities in the evenings. I was definitely more awake on my way into work than I usually am at eight in the morning. I felt downright cheerful when my first class of the day came in at nine. I got really hungry and ate my packed lunch (pb & j sandwich, baby carrots, yogurt) around 11. The rest of the classes of the day went well, until the last one at 2:40 when I started getting cranky with the kids and every little noise started to drive me crazy. That happens to me sometimes when I’m tired, someone whistling sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard to me, and with twenty kids in the classroom, each of them kicking the table legs and drumming on the table tops and clicking their pens open and shut, open and shut, it’s a recipe for a snappy R. I don’t actually mind being a little cranky with the kids once in a while, because I want them to behave and when they hear that tone creep into my voice they all look a little wide-eyed and the room gets very, very quiet.

My legs feel a little heavy, nothing hurts, I’m looking forward to Friday’s workout. Will I really be ready for week two when week two rolls around? It’s a good thing my running partner is always cheering me on and congratulating me, if left to my own devices I might doubt myself right back onto the couch.

I couldn’t sleep very well last night, woke up way too early when it started violently hailing outside… I doubted if I could get up at 6:45 to work out, I doubted if L would get up and meet me… despite all of this I got up, put on the running outfit and left the house at 7:01. I met up with L under the Metra tracks. I was excited. Rather than walking to the lakefront before starting our intervals like the did the first time, I suggested that we start the program right where we were (after the 5 min. warm up walk). Running on the sidewalk was difficult at times. There were huge slushy puddles that were hard to avoid, and the sidewalk was icy in places. About ten seconds into running I stepped into a deep slushy puddle and soaked my feet completely through. Despite the icy conditions and cold feet, I felt much more confident today, having run the program once before I knew it wasn’t impossible.

The first few runs went by really quickly. About halfway through run interval #4 we reached the lake and ran up the steep incline just after the underpass– I’m not gonna lie, that burned a bit. A couple of minutes along the lakefront path and we turned back. Running on the sidewalk is supposed to be harder on the joints and body than running on asphalt, but I was glad we ran closer to home because we finished the workout near my apartment, walked for five minutes to cool down and then stretched for five minutes– total time out of the house at that point was only 45 minutes. I was a little concerned about getting cleaned up and making it work in time, so it was nice to shorten the total time out by a bit.

I didn’t feel any pain while running. My heart and lungs definitely burned and my mouth filled with that metallic running taste, so I know it was working, but I felt good the whole time. I’m curious to see if I’m as sore tomorrow as I was Monday after Sunday’s run. One nice thing about running in cold, wet, slushy, disgusting weather was that my hot shower afterward felt amazing.

Wednesdays are my longest teaching day at school, and I’m often completely exhausted and worn out by the end of the day on Wednesdays. I’m curious to see if getting up at the crack of dawn and jogging for 30 minutes helps me feel more awake and energized or saps me of much needed energy. So far this morning post run has been great, I feel really cheerful and not tired. Only eight and a half more weeks until we finish the program! Feelin’ good about it…

Yesterday was L and my first workout from the Couch to 5k program. As I sit here typing this, the outside of my left ankle hurts, my butt hurts, my thighs hurt, my hips hurt and my abs hurt. The rest of me feels A-okay! The first week of the program involves a five minute warm-up walk, followed by eight one minute jogs interspersed with 90 second walks. I’m not gonna lie, it was hard for me. The first one minute run seemed to last forever. Runs 2-6 were okay, 7 and 8 were difficult. By the time I walked back to my house (~15 min cool down walk) I felt so fatigued I had to lean against the wall in my foyer to take off my shoes. Oof dah. I am even more out of shape that I thought.

I’m hoping to complete day two of the training program tomorrow (Tuesday). If by the third run it still seems as difficult as it was yesterday, I think I will repeat Week 1 again before progressing to Week 2. I know that the biggest source of injuries for new runners is progressing too much, too fast. I really don’t want to hurt myself, and I’m going to try to be patient and not skip ahead in the program.

Boy, seeing all of those runners out there on the lakefront path jogging merrily along for an hour at a time was really humbling. The thought of running 30 minutes without stopping feels UNTHINKABLE to me right now. The thought of running even five minutes at a time seems impossible, considering how fatigued I was yesterday after only one minute. I’m hoping that in six weeks I will read back over this and be amazed at how far I’ve come– remember when running one minute straight was a challenge? Rawr! Here’s hoping…