I’ve been running but not according to any plan… I’ve also been lifting, also not according to any plan.  I went to a yoga class today.  I am moderately sore all over.

Tomorrow I am leaving for a week at camp with a herd of eager students.  My first question to the camp director: Will there be internet access? My second question: Will I have time to run?  The answer to both questions is no. And she may have laughed in my face.  It’s going to be a long week.

So, I’m taking a week off from training. I’ll pack my running shoes and do what I can, but I’ll probably be too busy rousting kids out of bed at 7 am, traipsing through the woods, birding, boating, roasting marshmallows over a crackling campfire, guarding my girls against prankster boys from the next cabin over… you know, typical campy things.

A week with NO INTERNET, no training, no scale, no choice of what to eat or when to eat it, NO EMAIL, NO BLOGGING…. it’s either going to be horribly painful or really refreshing. I’ll be sure to let you know.